11/8/13 Eliminator AND Sportsbook

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In this special combined episode we go over our eliminator picks, our daily leagues, make our gambling picks for the week, and convince ourselves into taking a 5 team teaser for this week.

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Week 6 Waiver Pickups

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Is it too early in the year to swear off fantasy football forever yet? Maybe just a bit. If you are in dire need of help sitting 1-4 or 0-5 you feel my pain. Injuries have been incredibly bad this year and it just keeps getting worse. Julio out, possibly for the season? Great! Just join Steven Jackson, Miles Austin, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Mike Vick on the bench! Be sure to save a spot for Amendola… because who knows how that’s going to go. (See how my year is going?)

So, It’s Week 6 and  if you are sitting 1-4 or 0-5 it’s basically a make or break week to have any hope of sneaking into the playoffs. If that’s you, it’s time to make big moves and swing for the fences so you’re not already playing for next year.

Nick Foles (owned in 4% of leagues)
Another year, another Michael Vick injury. The good news for the Eagles is that Nick Foles looks pretty good as well. After Vick’s injury Foles went for 16 of 25 for 197 and 2 touchdowns. Chip Kelly has stated that Vick will remain the starter unless Foles comes in and puts on an unbelievable show. Honestly, Foles is not a mobile QB and does not fit the Eagles system as well as Vick.

Pick up Foles if you have a QB producing lackluster results (Kaepernick) and would like a change for the week to see if your starter can bounce back. Don’t assume that he will win the starting job over Vick when Vick is healthy though.

Terrell Pryor (Owned in 30% of leagues)
We talked about Pryor some last week, here is a bit more of an in depth look. Also, if you happen to have a QB who is producing lackluster results and you are ready to jump ship all together you might check out Terrell Pryor as well. His stats:

19 of 29        217 yds      1 td      2 int     Rushed for 112 yds       21.88 Points
15 of 24        126 yds      0 td     0 int      Rushed for   50 yds       10.04 Points
19 of 28        281 yds      1 td                   Rushed for   36 yds       18.84 Points
week 4 out with concussion
18 of 23       221  yds      2 td     0 int      Rushed for   31 yds       19.94 Points

If you have Kaepernick or a similar situation it might not be bad to grab one of these QB’s to start either until

Keenan Allen (owned in 7% of leagues)
This is the second week Allen has been a productive member of the offense for San Diego. He was targeted 9 times and has now had 2 back to back weeks of 80 yards receiving and at least 5 catches. He also had a touchdown this week. He probably isn’t much more than a flex play in deeper leagues, but with 2 weeks of back to back production he is work a look.

Terrance Williams (owned in 19% of leagues)
Oh my God, Tony Romo! If you have a quarterback that can throw for 500 yards, even against an awful defense, pretty much any and all receivers will get production. We have seen this in Denver week after week and now with Dallas. Williams caught 4 passes for 151 yards and a TD against the Broncos. The week before he had 7 catches for 71 yards. Dallas is at home next week in a division game they need to win against a bad Redskins defense. If Miles Austin is out again this week, Williams is a must start.

Percy Harvin (owned in 32% of leagues)
Harvin has been tweeting again. Early September he tweeted:
“What’s goin 12th man just checkn in …I’m making serious progress …keep an eye on week 7…don’t hang them 11’s up…..we workn”

Week 7 is much earlier than most experts predictions that he would be back. It was widely believed that he wouldn’t be back til playoffs. But, this past week Harvin has been back in Seattle running which is a good sign of his current process. He also tweeted this week:
“12th man im back and ready….countdown begins”
“Lets work”

So, week 7 might not be a reality, but it does look like Harvin will be back earlier than expected. If you have a roster spot getting in early on the Harvin sweepstakes definitely would not hurt. Even tossing another waiver pickup you were hopeful in that hasn’t panned out might not be a bad move.

Justin Blackmon (owned in 62% of leagues)
How is Justin Blackmon only owned in 62% of leagues? Step it up people! The good news for Blackmon owners is that it looks like Henne will be starting for a while as Gabbert might be missing extended time with his current injury. Last week Blackmon had 5 catches for 136 yds and a TD. Expect him to be anywhere from a Flex to a low end WR2.

Harry Douglas (Owned in 6% of leagues)
Even with Roddy White’s injury, Harry Douglas has not been all that productive. Although with news coming out today that Julio Jones might be out for the season, it might be time to look again at Douglas. Here are his stats so far

Week 1     4 for 93       Standard 9.3    PPR 13.3
Week 2     4 for 43       Standard 4.3    PPR   8.3
Week 3     1 for  9        Standard 0.9    PPR   1.9
Week 4     5 for 68       Standard 6.8    PPR 11.8
Week 5     2 for  6        Standard 0.6    PPR 2.6

Pick up Douglas because of the opportunity coming his way. With Jones out, and White still hurting, Douglas will definitely be getting some targets.

Pierre Thomas (owned in 51% of leagues)
In a PPR setting Thomas is an interesting option with Ingram sidelined. Don’t read too much into this past weeks production though. Here is an interesting stat.

Pierre Thomas’ 3 best PPR fantasy games:
12/30/07     42 points
12/11/08     32 points
10/6/13       29 points

All three of these games were not only against the Bears, but were actually at Chicago! Whatever Pierre’s deal is with Chicago, don’t expect last week’s level of production to continue. Do expect 8-14 points in a PPR setting until Ingram’s return.


Once again, rolling with whoever is playing Jacksonville is always a good start. Denver isn’t a great defense… but Jacksonville is not a good offense.
Other good choices for the week.

Cincinnati (owned in 80% of leagues)
It isn’t likely that Cincinnati is available, but if they are, absolutely grab them. They play the Bills this week. The Bills are starting Thaddeus Lewis at QB. Need we say more?

St. Louis (owned in 72% of leagues)
As much as it pains me to say it Houston has some serious problems offensively. There might even be a different starting quarterback come Sunday. The homer in me believes we can bounce back here, but the reality probably is the struggles continue and St. Louis has a decent game.

Talked about last week and not listed: Austin Pettis, Robert Woods, Danny Woodhead, Garrett Graham.

Best of luck this week!


Richard Reedstrom