11/8/13 Eliminator AND Sportsbook

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In this special combined episode we go over our eliminator picks, our daily leagues, make our gambling picks for the week, and convince ourselves into taking a 5 team teaser for this week.

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Week 9

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All these weeks are starting to blend together in a .500 haze. I cannot seem to get over the hump and have a huge week. Before we move on to week 9 lets take a quick look back at some of the better games. The most competitive game, also the hardest game for me, was the Dallas at Detroit game. Calvin Johnson is amazing, and I love having him on my fantasy team.  He ended the game with 14 catches for 329 yards and 1 touchdown.  He was tackled 4 times inside the 4 yard line, so you can imagine the type of game he should have had. The Cowboys continue to figure out new ways to lose games. On their last drive they were called for a holding penalty that stopped the clock and gave the Lions more time to come back and win. I blame this loss on Jason Garrett, I am not sure why yet, but I seems easy enough to do. Detroit has their bye week this week, and that win makes it a lot easier to look forward to. Another week for the 49ers, and another huge win for their offense. I know they were only playing the Jags, but still to run for over 200 yards and 4 touchdowns is huge. They controlled this game and sent a message to every team in the NFL. They are for real and look like they are back on the right track. Denver came out a little slow again this week, but instead of rolling over they came back and scored 38 unanswered points. Washington struggled with their offense in the second half, and the Broncos came out and knocked them out over and over again. The slate of games last week was not really any good, and this week we have another crap bag of games. Even though I’m not really excited by any of these games we still have a chance to make some money, so let’s look forward to week 9, and pick some winners.

Last week- 7-6

Dicks Picks- 6-7

Season 43-41-3

Home teams in Bold

Guys with big or sneaky fantasy days in red

Dick’s Picks in Blue

Cincinnati (-3) over Miami

Dicks Picks: Cincinnati -3

I’m killing these Thursday night games. I need to actually put a little money on one of these games, but as soon as I do that I will go on an 8 game losing streak. Finally the Bengals played up to their potential. The destroyed the Jets 49-9, and Andy Dalton is starting to put together a nice season. He threw for over 300 yards and 5 touchdowns, 4 to Marvin Jones, and is taking care of the ball. They are still struggling in the running game, but if they can keep up this passing attack along side with their defense they might be going places. The Dolphins did their best Cowboy impression and lost a game they had no business of losing. The Dolphins biggest problem is their offensive line. They gave up six sacks to a banged up Patriots team, and they are on track to break David Carr’s only record (most sacked QB in a season). The Bengals could get 10 sacks on Thursday, and even if they don’t they should easily cover the 3 points.

AJ Green and Gio Bernard

Carolina (-7) over Atlanta

Dicks Picks Carolina -7

This Panthers team can do one thing really well, and that’s beat up on bad teams. I thought this Falcons team could turn it around and show up, but last week in Arizona they basically started to wave the white flag. Carolina is starting to turn around their season, and is a possible wild-card team. If they want to make the playoffs they need to continue to beat up on these bad teams. Cam Newton has been playing some of his best football, and is starting to trust his teammates. If he can keep this up they are going to be one of those teams no one wants to play. Carolina should be able to keep up their win streak, and cover the 7 points.

Cam Newton, Mike Tolbert and Harry Douglas

Dallas (-10.5) over Minnesota

Dicks Picks Dallas -10.5

Who is going to be the quarterback for the Vikings? Is it Matt Cassel’s turn to play the worst game in Viking’s history? They have no answers at the quarterback position, but for some reason they don’t rely on their one asset. Adrian Peterson cannot get started in the backfield, and they get down so often they just go away from him. For some reason I think this is the week they go to him, and he runs for 200 yards and 4 touchdowns. The Cowboys have given up 400 yards to 4 different quarterbacks this year, and if one of these quarterbacks throws for over 400 yards someone should be fired. All jokes aside the Cowboys need to win this game to continue their mediocrity. So far the Cowboys are 7-1 against the spread this year, and that is one of the main reasons I am choosing them to cover the 11 points. Also check this out if you want to hear what Dez was saying on the sidelines during his “tantrum”.

Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Adrian Peterson

New Orleans (-6.5) over New York Jets

Dicks Picks Saints -6.5

If it were not for the last-minute loss in that Patriot game the Saints would be 7-0, and would be the talk of the NFL. But they lost that game, and we continue to leave them out of the conversation for best team in the NFL. They seem to be firing on all cylinders offensively, and are even getting huge production from their defense. This might be one of the most complete teams in the league. The Jets and Geno Smith continue to struggle on the road. He threw 2 more interceptions against the Bengals last week, and even got benched at the end of the game. I do think he will start this game, but I don’t think that make a bit of difference. The Saints win this game and blow out the Jets.

Jimmy Graham, Kenny Stills and Jeremy Kerley

Tennessee (-3) over St Louis

Dicks Picks Titans -3

The Rams surprised a lot of people on Monday night when it came down to the last play of the game. They ran the ball better than anyone else had against the Seahawks (200 yards). Even though Kellen Clemens threw for more yards the Wilson he still couldn’t put the ball in the endzone. Now with the uncertainty of Zac Stacey this week I smell a lot of trouble for the Rams. The Titans are coming off of their bye week and are trying to keep pace in their division.  They need this win if they want to stay in the wildcard race and should be able to get the W. The Kellen Clemens led Rams don’t scare me or the Titans, so I’ll take them to cover the 3 points.

Jake Locker and Zac Stacey (if he plays)

Kansas City (-3.5) over Buffalo

Dicks Picks Kansas City -3.5

This line is really weird. The Chiefs are 8-0 and the Bills are 3-5 and are starting their 4thstring quarterback. Why is this line so low? I know the Chiefs aren’t a power house team that crushes their opponents, but still only 3.5 points. I think Vegas knows something about this game, and it seems fishy. Thad Lewis was hurt last week and they don’t know if he is going to be able to play. If that is the case expect Jeff Tuel or Matt Flynn to get the start, and for the line to jump 5 points. Even with the extra points I will take the Chiefs to cover.

Jamaal Charles and Fred Jackson

San Diego (-1.5) over Washington

Dicks Picks San Deigo -1.5

It seems like every week there is a home dog team that is getting 1.5 points that ends up covering. This might fall under that category, but I just don’t like the Redskins this year….or any year to be honest. RGIII takes 2 steps forward and then one giant step back. He had his other knee injured last week, but should be able to play. San Diego is coming off their bye; I am expecting a huge game for Ryan Mathews. He has run for over 100 yards in his last 2 games, and with this putrid Washington defense on the horizon I see a lot of the same. Even though this line scares me I’ll still take the Chargers give the 1.5 point.

Ryan Mathews and Keenan Allen

Oakland (-3) over Philadelphia

Dicks Picks: Raiders! -3

Oh Eagles you had so much promise at the beginning of the year, and now you are starting Matt Barkley, and struggling to score any points. This offense was supposed to revolutionize the game, but it has yet to take off. The Eagles would benefit from a quarterback like Terrelle Pryor. Last week he ran for over 100 yards, but struggled a bit with his passing game. The Eagle’s defense is one of the worst in the NFL, so I think the Raiders should be able to run all over the Eagles and cover the 3 points.

Darren McFadden, Terrelle Pryor and LeSean McCoy

Seattle (-16) over Tampa Bay

Dicks Picks Seattle -16

Tampa Bay is bad + Seattle is good at home = Seattle cover.

Marshawn Lynch

Cleveland (+3) over Baltimore

Dicks Picks BROWNS! +3

Hey Jason Campbell is not that bad. Way to go Jason!! All the Browns do is cover, and all the Ravens do is play close games. The Ravens are struggling on offense this year and it all start with Joe Flacco and his contract. They paid that man too much money, and now don’t have any money to spend on anything else. It doesn’t matter who is the quarter back for the Browns Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron are still relevant players. I think Josh Gordon might be really really good. He always seems to get open, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he got open again a couple of times and help the Browns cover the 3 points.

Josh Gordon, Jordan Cameron and Ray Rice And Jason Campbell!

New England (-7) over Pittsburgh

Dicks Picks Patriots -7

And the Boston winning tradition continues with another title for the city of Boston. Congrats to the Red Sox in their World Series Championship. Does anyone think that the Pats won’t win in a blow out to finish off the week for Boston? Last week the Dolphins should have been able to close out the Pats, but they hit the upright and the Patriots took over from there. Even though Tom Brady seems to be regressing this season they still seem to be able to win games they don’t deserve to. The Steelers should play another tough game, but this just doesn’t seem to be their year. Another win for Boston and the Patriots cover the 7 points.

Gronk, Steven Ridley and Heath Miller

Indianapolis (-3) over Houston

Dicks Picks Houston +3

I really wanted to take the Texans this week, but I just feel like they might be one week off. They have benched a healthy Matt Schaub and have moved on to Case Keenum. I think they made the right move for the future, but this Colts team is tough out. Case Keenum is going to have to play mistake free football, and lead the Texans on some long time-consuming drives. The Colts are without Reggie Wayne, and need to find a replacement for him immediately. Is it going to be TY Hilton or Darrius Heyward-Bey? I think both should have good games, and they should be able to cover the 3 points.

TY Hilton and Andre Johnson

Green Bay (-11) over Chicago

Dicks Picks: Green Bay -11

This Packers teams keeps getting hit with injuries, but keep rolling with them and stepping up. Chicago is getting hit with the same amount of injuries, but has not been able to keep up the biggest strength (defense). Chicago has one of the worst defenses in the league, and the Packers have one of the best offenses. Green Bay should be able to take advantage of that discrepancy and cover the large 11 point spread.

Jordy Nelson, Jarrett Boykin, Eddie Lacy, Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall

Here’s to hoping that we can have more winners than losers. Enjoy your semi descent week of football. Let’s hope our bets fall the right way, and we don’t get hit by the back door.

Daniel Davis


Week 8

The Corner


Another week in the books, and another semi successful week with a record of 8-7. Dick’s Picks were a no-show after his atrocious first week showing. He said he was “to busy” to do them, but we all know he was hiding from the inevitable ass beating he would have taken…..again. Gronkowski comes back, and he get’s 17 targets, but drops a tough one-handed touchdown. The Chiefs get a sack fumble, and recover the ball only to be touched down at the one yard line. The Bucs stall twice in the red zone and settle for field goals. The Chicago Bears forget how to play defense. All of these things could have went the other way, and if they had my week would have been a lot better. It just goes to show you that the smallest things are the difference from cashing in the winning ticket, or ripping up that same ticket and crying yourself to sleep. This week we have 6 teams on bye..(Bears, Chargers, Colts, Ravens, Texans and Titans)…that’s a little ridiculous if you ask me. The Texans took my advise….no seriously I sent Gary Kubiack the link to my column….and started Case Keenum. He looked pretty good in his first game, and at least he didn’t throw a pick-six. He moved well in the pocket and didn’t look flustered by the vaunted Kansas City defense. I’m not saying he is the answer to all the problems in Houston, but he took a step in the right direction for the Texans. Chicago is having all types of problems, most importantly is their defense. Two weeks ago Washington could barely score a touchdown against the Cowboys, but last week they put up 45 against the Bears. Jay Cutler suffered a bad groin injury….I mean is there a good groin injury……and is going to be out at least 4 weeks. Josh McCown is going to have to play semi competent football to keep the Bears in the playoff chase. At least we have a bad QB to bet on. The Colts once again played another top-tier team and came out with a win. Andrew Luck showed the Colts fans that they may have lost out on one of the best quarterbacks ever, but they have something special for many years to come…..sorry Houston fans you are fucked again. He played great in that game, and it looked as if they had a real chance to go far this year, and they still might, but Reggie Wayne tore his ACL and MCL on a bad pass from Luck. That has to be a terrible feeling for Luck. Not only did it cause his team a touchdown on the play it also took out his best receiver. Peyton Manning and the Broncos will be fine. Like Peyton, it’s time for me to move on from week 7, and focus on the challenges of week 8….Winners!

Last week 8-7

Dicks Picks Season 3-11-1

Season 36-35-3

Home teams in Bold

Guys with big or sneaky fantasy days in red

Dick’s Picks in Blue….if he’s not “to busy”

Coming live to you from Dan’s Daughter’s Birthday Party

Carolina (-6) over Tampa Bay

Dicks picks: Carolina – 7

So far this season I have gotten every Thursday night game correct. With that said I now have jinxed myself for this pick. Carolina has made its living on beating bad teams. Their wins this year have come against the Giants, Vikings and Rams, and the Rams are the best of that bunch. Tampa Bay has issues all over the field. The coaching staff doesn’t seem to know how to use the players they have. This is a talented defense team, but they let Harry Douglas, the only healthy Falcons receiver catch 7 balls for 149 yards. The Panthers should be able to take advantage of another bad team, and cover the 6 points.

Cam Newton and Brandon Lefell

Jacksonville (+17) over San Francisco

Dicks picks: San Francisco – 17 (big game for Kaepernick and the 49ers here)

I really wanted to pick the 49ers here coming off of four straight wins, but 17 points are a lot even going against the Jags. The Jags seem to be playing a little better with Chad Henne as the starting quarterback. The Jags head coach has also figured that out, for now, and is making Blaine Gabbert the back-up QB. This game is being played in London, so the Jags will actually have a sell out for at least one home game. The 49ers are getting back to what was working for them last year, and are going to a little bit more of the read option. Kaepernick had his best rushing game last week running the ball 11 times for 68 yards and getting his first rushing td. Coupling that with the reemergence of Frank Gore I see a big win for the Niners, but not enough to cover the 17 points.

Garbage time Twins, Frank Gore and Colin Kaepernick

Dallas (+3) over Detroit

Dicks picks: Detroit – 3

As a Cowboys fan I am used to the ups and downs of the regular season, but this team has crazy ups and downs on drives. Some times this team looks like they are unstoppable offensively, but then there is a stupid mistake and they get shut down. They can’t move the ball at all, and then a big play to Dez. Speaking of Dez, I was really pleased to see what they did with him last week. He had 8 catches on 17 targets for 110 yards. They need to keep him involved in this game, which should be a shootout….should be but you never know. The Lions are coming off of a last second loss to the Bengals, but they still seemed to play really well. How big of a beast is Calvin Johnson…did you see that catch in triple coverage? Matthew Stafford really doesn’t care if the whole team is on Calvin, he is just going to throw it up and hope for the best. This might be a bit of a problem for the Dallas secondary, but maybe Brandon Carr will be up for the task. In the last three weeks, Carr has went against Demaryius Thomas (5 for 57), Pierre Garcon (6 for 69) and DeSean Jackson (3 for 21), and has kept them below their averages. You know Carr is looking at this game differently. I mean Calvin Johnson is the best receiver in the league. I’m not saying he shuts him down, but if he can keep him below his average the Cowboys can win this game outright. So I will take the three points and the Cowboys W.

Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Calvin Johnson….I mean he still is Calvin Johnson

New York Giants (+5.5) over Philadelphia

Dicks picks: Eagles – 5.5

At least there is not a QB controversy in Philadelphia anymore, and not even a backup QB controversy. Nick Foles looked bad against the Cowboys, but Matt Barkley looks horrendous. If you’re an Eagles fan you have to worry about the future for this team, and it doesn’t look like they have a future quarterback on this team. The Giants finally played and beat a team that was worse off than them. They shouldn’t feel great about their preseason….errr umm regular season win against the Vikings. Both of these teams having glaring defects, so I’m taking the Giants because they are getting 5.5 points.

Lesean McCoy and Victor Cruz

Kansas City (-7.5) over Cleveland

Dicks picks: Kansas City – 7.5

You know its bad when there are reports that a 43-year-old Jeff Garcia wants to come out of retirement and play for your team. It’s even worse when you have to think about it, and wonder if that might be a real improvement over your current situation…….Once again how bad is Jason Campbell. Wait….What…Jason Campbell is now the starting quarterback for your Cleveland Browns. I guess we will see how bad he is. The Chiefs should have covered the 7 against Houston, and should have no problem winning this one bye 7.5.

Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles and Jordan Cameron

Buffalo (+12) over New Orleans

Dicks picks: New Orleans – 12

The Saints are coming off of their bye, and are about to run into the one, the only, THAD LEWIS. This guy is playing some of the strangest football I have ever seen. He is not blowing you away with his stats, but he is keeping this team in games. They took Cincinnati to overtime last week beat the Dolphins in Miami. Jimmy Graham should be back for the Saints, and they should win this game rather easily. I see the Bills scoring towards the end and covering the 12 points.

Fred Jackson, Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills

New England (-7) over Miami

New England – 7

Both teams are coming off of divisional losses in games that they were favored in. The Brady to Gronk connection looked a little rusty, but I expect that to get a little better. Gronkowski led the team in 17 targets, 10 more than anyone else, and I expect that trend to continue. Miami is coming off its baffling loss to the Bills. Ryan Tannehill seems to be hitting a bit of a wall and is making some costly mistakes. I really wanted to take to Miami getting the 7 points here, but I think the Pats will right the ship and get a big divisional win.

Gronk and Brian Hartline

New York Jets (+6.5) over Cincinnati

Dicks picks: Cincy -6.5

The Bengals have only beaten two teams by more than 7 points, Steelers and Browns, and this week they are hosting the Jets. The Jets are coming off a huge win against the Pats, and even won despite Geno Smith playing a sub par game. Andy Dalton is coming off his two best games, but I think he is in for a down week. I think this game is going to be really boring, and I don’t see the Bengals blowing out the Jets. So I’ll take the Jets getting the 6.5 points.

AJ Green and Jeremy Kerley

Oakland (+3) over Pittsburgh

Dicks Picks: Oakland +3

Two bad teams I take the team getting the points…….side not these late games are bad, I should have planned my daughter’s birthday party for the late games instead of the early ones.

Antonio Brown and Denarius Moore

Denver (-13) over Washington

Dicks picks: Washington +13

The Broncos are coming off their first loss of the year, and are looking to make a statement. Just their luck they get to play the defensively challenged Washington Redskins. The Redskins did win last week, but somehow gave up 41 points to an injured Bears team. This game should be another fast paced game with a lot of scoring and per usual I like the over as well at 59.5. Denver might score 60 points in this game without trying. They score so easily and have 3 play drives that last under a minute on a regular basis. Washington will have struggles on the defensive end, but will be able to keep up offensively to a point. This is somehow the best of the late afternoon games, and I see the Broncos covering the 13 points and getting the win.

Start all your Broncos except Monte Ball and Ronnie Hillman and start all your Redskins

Atlanta (+2.5) over Arizona

Dicks picks: Atlanta +2.5

I know that the Falcons are in a down year, but are they really underdogs against this Arizona team. They beat the Bucs by 8 last week while Arizona struggled against the Seahawks last Thursday. I’m not say the Falcons have any chance to make the playoffs or anything, but they should be able to beat up on this Arizona team. I’ll take the Falcons for the win, and if they are giving me 2.5 points I will take them too.

Larry Fitzgerald, Harry Douglas and Tony Gonzalez

Green Bay (-9.5) over Minnesota

Dicks picks: Green Bay -9.5

Did anyone watch the Minnesota game on Monday? Josh Freeman and the Vikes were so bad they decided to go back to Christian Ponder. This team is in disarray and needs get back to running the ball. Green Bay has a tough defense and will only have to worry about one guy. Adrian Peterson last week had one of his worst games only getting 13 carries for 28 yards. He is going to do a lot more if the Vikings are going to stay close in this game. I see the Packers getting off to a hot start, and not laying off the gas pedal. They win this game easily and cover the 9.5 points

Jordy Nelson, Jarrett Boykin and Adrian Peterson

Seattle (-11.5) over St. Louis

Dicks picks: Seattle -11.5

The Rams are in TROUBLE. They lost Sam Bradford to a season ending ACL injury and are now stuck with Kellen Clemens. It’s so bad there has been a Brett Farve mention, a Tim Tebow rescue call and we are getting close to Jeff Garcia calling in. Never underestimate the bad quarterback when it comes to gambling. Put your money on the team they are playing and count the money later. The Rams should be a safe bet for the foreseeable future. The Seahawks seem to be getting back into last season form offensively, and will continue that against the Rams. With the Rams QB struggles and the Seahawks amazing defense, this should be an easy cover.

Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson

Let’s hope week 8 keeps the winners increasing. As always, I hope you enjoy your week of football. Let’s hope our bets fall the right way, and you don’t get hit by the back door.



Daniel Davis


10/24/2013 The Challenge & Daily Fantasy Leagues

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In this episode we discuss our week 8 picks for the Fantasy Eliminator Challenge. We also make our picks for our daily fantasy leagues.

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10/23/13 Week 7 Recap

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In this episode we recap week 7, discuss fantasy implications, and look ahead to week 8.

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Week 7 Waiver Pickups

Fantasy, Waiver Pickups

WOOOOOOO HOOOO! 2-4! Still alive! Hopefully you pulled one out this week and stayed alive in playoff contention. Just remember, it could always be worse than 2-4.  If you listen to the podcast you already know that I not only picked up Brandon Jacobs in multiple leagues when he was signed, but actually wanted to start him Thursday night. I just had this crazy feeling that he would have a good game. I ended up calling up Dan for him to talk me out of it and our conversation ran too long for me to be able to start him. Needless to say, the Thursday game was frustrating to watch for me. This brings us of course to…

Brandon Jacobs:
So, If you are contemplating starting Brandon Jacobs something probably went very wrong with your team long ago. The good news here is not only did Jacobs have a productive night against the Bears (16th against the run), but his next few match ups are not very good either.
Week 7      Minnesota
Week 8      Philidelphia
Week 9      Oakland
Grab Jacobs if you need a flex play this week with upside of continued production. David Wilson is not good and Coughlin seems to want to trust pretty much anyone not named Wilson. Don’t expect the same production as last week, 22 attempts for 106 yards and 2 TD, but if he starts he is worth a flex.

Chris Ogbonnaya:
Ogbonnaya is an interesting bye week fill in choice. He had a productive week last week with 5 rushes for 27 yards and 5 receptions for 21 yards and 1 TD. It is possible that moving forward Ogbonnaya emerges as a Sprolesly type back for the Browns. Certainly Brandon Weeden could use another target other than Gordon or Cameron. This week the Browns have the Packer’s who are solid against the run.

Pick up Ogbonnaya if you have an extra roster spot and want to see what his role might become. Start him this week only if you are desperate.

Zac Stacy:
And the current feature back for the Rams will beeeee! Zach Stacy!!!! Lets step back for a moment and take a real look here. Stacy is currently the front runner to start this next week against Carolina. Carolina’s defense is 1st overall and 3rd against the run. Once again, that’s 1st overall and 3rd against the run. Just repeat that phrase through your head if you are contemplating starting Stacy this week… or any Ram for that matter. Then shake it off and pick up one of the guys we talked about above. There is just too much uncertainty in the Ram’s offense this year and without a stud like Steven Jackson, no one on the Rams is an auto start.

Jarrett Boykin
With Cobb and Jones out Green Bay is hurting for WR. Enter Boykin. He only came up with one reception, but was targeted quite a bit. Even though the Packers want to be a run team now, they still will throw the ball plenty. Expect plenty of targets for Boykin and with a week of practice with Rodgers he should be in line for a productive game.

Brandon LaFell
LaFell probably isnt available in your league, but if he is he is worth a pickup. Check the stats.
Week 3       3 receptions          53 yards          2 TD
Week 4               bye
Week 5       4 receptions          47 yards
Week 6       4 receptions        107 yards           1 TD

LaFell has proven to be a important part of the Panthers offense and should be owned in all leagues.


Well, who is playing Jacksonville this week?
The Chargers looked pretty great against the Colts. Their offense kept complete control of the game and the defense stepped up as needed to shut down the prolific Colts offense. Even though Jacksonville had a bit of an upswing last week, starting whoever is playing Jacksonville continues to be a strong fantasy start.

New York Giants
Haha, I know. The Giants. Hear me out here. It is looking like Josh Freeman will be starting for the Vikings. While he will probably be an improvement over their other options, with only one week to prepare expect the Giants defense to take advantage of Freeman here.